Here's what clients are saying...
"I went in to have my lips and eyeliner procedure done, not even thinking that I needed brows. Irish Alana took the time to show me and to explain why I could benefit from permanent eyebrows. It made a huge difference in my appearance. I love it, and it makes me feel good about myself." Susan Iskra Kix 95.3

Radio/Aberdeen/Hoquiam "It hurts less than having my lip waxed.: Vicki Schmidt, Tumwater

"Far superior to the traditional tattooing machine." Chris Daugherty, Rainier "

I Wanted to look good. Fashion and style is my Business. Permanent makeup and a great pair of shoes what more could a woman ask for?" Jeanne Carras Women's shoe store, downtown Olympia

"I just wanted to thank you for making me look normal again. I have had a difficult time with my messed up eyebrows and worried that I might always look like, strange...(having to pencil my brows in several times a day). In a matter of minutes you transformed me and made my life much better. You are a true gift from God and this Thanksgiving I am thankful for you! Robyn Link

permanent cosmetics
Get The Look You Want


Lower Eyeliner: $300
Upper Eyeliner: $300
Both Upper & Lower Eyeliner $540
(save $60)

Eyebrows: $490
Lip Liner Only: $475
Lip Liner with Tinting $600

Beauty Mark: $125
Areola: $300
Scar: Requires Consultation

Touch Ups
There is no fee for the first touchup within 60 days of the initial procedure. Thereafter touchups fee will be a minimum of $225.
Touchup fees will be based on the length of time in between touchups. Complimentary touchup consultations are encouraged. Permanent cosmetics does require maintenance as color wil gradually fade.


Prices subject to change without notice.